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DVD - Going Nowhere

DVD - Going Nowhere

An invitation to that which is prior to non duality...

In Going Nowhere Jac speaks about the natural functioning of pure perception, encouraging the viewer towards the recognition of life living itself without personal ownership of any subjective thought. The workings of mind are demystified. When studied, this film offers copious opportunities to understand how thinking processes culminate in a belief in separation. Enlightenment and non duality are shown to be phenomena within duality: GoIng Nowhere is an invitation to that which is prior to non duality.

Going Nowhere is a treasure trove of pointers to that which is prior and beyond conceptual thought. The illusion of the I AM state, observing without comment and any sense of existing are some of the spiritual traps enabling the continuity of subtle identification with thought. In this film Jac exposes the traps of the sequential workings of mind arising from pure consciousness and how this mechanism culminates in the credibility of life itself. In doing so she lays bare that which is prior to all of it.

Filmed in Ireland.

Soundtrack: 'Celtic Mother' written and performed by Jac.