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DVD - Going Nowhere: The Building Blocks of Consciousness

DVD - Going Nowhere: The Building Blocks of Consciousness

DVD format NTSC only

An interview with Jac O'Keeffe by Christopher Hebard for StillnessSpeaks. What does "Beyond Consciousness" mean? This film shares its title, in part, with Jac's most recent DVD, "Going Nowhere." This is no coincidence. It starts where "Going Nowhere" ends, inviting us to deeply explore what is meant when pointing "prior to consciousness." Taking one step at a time, this dialogue walks us through the "mechanics of the apparent process of manifestation." As Jac explains, seeing this "process" is the key to being free of it, revealing genuine "causeless" happiness. She deciphers the "matrix" for the viewer: "You may see that every single thought you can entertain only serves to perpetuate the personal 'I'. As Shankara encouraged a holy disdain of the non-self, Jac reminds the viewer: "To feel and experience real happiness, causeless happiness, requires a conscious or unconscious surrendering of your interest in your thoughts." "Nothing is happening to you unless you want to believe it is."