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Jac O'Keeffe Quotes

Personality is a useful tool but it cannot define who you are. Who you are lies far beyond who you think you are.
You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have good health, you don't have to do it before your body dies, it's got nothing to do with anything : it's right now, place your attention behind any stories, any concepts. From there, freedom arises, beauty arises, love arises.
As long as the 'I' is looking for peace, there will be no peace.
Something underneath is taking care of all, is taking care of what you really are.
Thoughts appear and disappear all by themselves. There is no ownership to be claimed, because there is no owner.
The freedom you look for is where you look from.
Right here, right now, you can settle into your most natural state, that which enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind and liberation in your heart.
Happiness is a direct experience arising from your innate nature.
Your true nature is causeless and living causeless happiness is your natural state of being.
All external circumstances, activities, possessions and events are designed to keep the mind entertained. But happiness is outside the realm of the mind, it is outside the functionings and capacity of the mind. It is in the realm of placing your attention on your innate nature.
Be prepared to let the consequences take care of themselves.
Rest at the source of the next thought. That's all.
There is nothing to fix, nothing to do, nothing needs to be better, nicer, or in a certain way, all that stuff is just thoughts, there's no need to take any interest in it. How things are is just fine. Rest. Rest on the inside.
Suffering is an idea that there is an 'I' that doesn't like what is happening.
Let your attention be on what is taking place, not on how you fear it may impact you.
The problem is not with the mind, it is the personal identification with thoughts that creates suffering.
There is nothing to fear, ever. If you continue to place attention on fear-creating ideas, knowing that your thoughts create emotions, you will feel fear. In a moment, you can decide that enough is enough and end your pattern of feeling fear.
Sit still, be quiet, and don't engage with any thoughts that come, just let them pass without your interest. Do not search for the Self for this would be like your eye trying to see your retina. You are Self.
Nothing is actually happening to you unless you want to believe it is.
To abide in your natural state requires no movement or doing on your part.
Stopping unnecessary mental doing allows the natural state to arise. Deep stillness always rests under an agitated mind.
Let your mind be focussed inward. Let your attention rest calmly in its natural state.
Relax. Resting mind activity disarms gross identification. There is no 'how' to stop thinking. Simply stop getting involved in the stories of your thoughts.
In any moment, you are either observing effortlessly or you are believing your thoughts.
You may see that every single thought you can entertain only serves to perpetuate the personal 'I'.
To feel and experience real happiness, causeless happiness, requires a conscious or unconscious surrendering of your interest in your thoughts.
Let your mind be in total chaos. Your levels of thought activity are of no significance. Do not lose your attention in the story of any thought, and thoughts will subside. You are That which watches all.
Stop engaging with thoughts and do not make this disengagement with thoughts something to do !
This is not about feeling emptiness, it is being emptiness. You cannot try to be it, you are it.
Be that which sees what is seeing. Do not be the watcher. You are That which sees that which is watching.
In the effortless neutrality of your natural state, all doubts, fears and anxieties vanish: they only come back to serve you.
All comes from the Absolute, stays as Absolute, and merges back into Absolute.
Through your thoughts, you made what is unreal real to you.
The world cannot exist independently of your mind, so how can the world be other than mind ?
All presenting in manifestation was created by you, and it will be destroyed by you, on transcending mind. Both mind and world rise and fall within Reality that never moves.
Be still, quiet and patient. There is only you. How can there be a distance between you and you ?
There is nothing external to That. Effortlessly drop the thought of things being external.
Simply abide in the Self. Sink into the Self 24-7 until time reveals that time also is a concept and until who is doing the abiding, merges with the Self.
There is no journey for you to travel, no shift for you to make from ego to Self, as this requires two and, therefore, is just another thought.
When there is no idea of what silence is or is not, then there is silence. Yet this is not a happening: it simply is.
The pull towards Truth has its origin in manifestation, not in grace. The comfort that mind seeks out in the idea of 'grace calling you home' must be dropped.
Non-duality is best considered as a disposition of the mind. It is not appropriate for application to worldly affairs, and the wisdom to deal with such matters must therefore be developed independently.
The search for truth does not end in finding truth phenomenally: there is nothing gained anew in Self-realization.
The phenomenal world is no more than the play of consciousness trying to control, trying to make itself understood and known to itself. Better to allow this to continue as it will, without identifying with any of it.
The world appearance is consciousness, and there is nothing apart from this. It is consciousness alone that manifests as mind, intellect, body and senses. Yet consciousness does not change. The constant of change is a quality of the appearance of its own reflection.
Without the movement of thought, there is no phenomenal world.
All that appears as the world is dependent on you to validate its existence, and this can only happen if you have taken it to be true that you have an independent existence.
The idea that you are real is but a thought in consciousness.
Creation is but a momentary appearance in consciousness. It is the play of thought as memory that makes you believe that it continues over time.
Without the projection of the mind, the world cannot exist. That world that appears to you in your dreams at night is just as unreal as the world that appears to you when you are awake. There is no difference whatsoever.
Nothing happens in either the waking or dreaming state, since the substance of both is consciousness.
What you are cannot be objectified, cannot be knowable and cannot come and go. What you are is not within the appearance.
It is slavery to imagine yourself to be in a process, to have a past and future and to imagine you are going somewhere. What you are is not developing or heading to an end point.
If you can experience presence, you cannot be presence. If you can experience being-ness, you cannot be being-ness. Whatever can be identified you cannot be.
Ego presents great fear at the thought of its own annihilation, but when the ego is not given attention, where is it? What is it? It is only an idea and hence there is nothing that can be annihilated.
Fear of your own annihilation is a thought like all others; there is nothing of any substance to disappear. All ideas come and go and are equally irrelevant.
Your ideas about yourself are the only obstacle and the origin of all suffering.
What you look for and what you might find cannot be what is Real.
What you are cannot be gained anew.
It is only the removal of false ideas and erroneous beliefs that can reveal what you are.
What you are is painting the picture of your life, this does not bind you.
Learn to listen without distortion and learn to look without imagination.
See that every mode of perception is subjective, and that every idea of what life is exists only in your mind. Stop attributing names and form to what is essentially nameless and formless.
Investigate and discover that what is seen and heard, smelled and touched, felt and thought exists only as story in your mind and do not be attracted by any of this. See that all of this is in mind and not in reality.
The world is spiritual, yet when you identify with the physical body the world becomes physical according to the concepts you hold. Yet all the while the world is spiritual.
There is no conflict between regular life and the theory of non duality. Remain in regular life; let life happen with all of its worldliness and let your attention rest within.
If you want to enjoy enlightenment, you can only do it before enlightenment happens! Happy-ever-after endings belong in movies.
It is when daily life is imagined to be different from spiritual life that difficulties arise. Without subjective perception of difference there can be no problems.
Look around you without thinking, without conceptualizing. Make no interpretations, come to no conclusions. Be in pure perception, pure seeing and pure observing. Any action arising is spontaneous and there is no choice.
There is no free will and there is no destiny. Life is presenting your character, but there is no ownership of either. If life were not experiencing this exactly as it is now then life would not exist at all. There is only this, manifesting as it must.
What you call your life was never yours anyway; you never owned anything. You are all of it and yet imagine yourself to be separate from it in order to own, search and achieve.
Observe without thinking, without conceptualizing. Pure observing where there is nothing to see – it is this that is at the core of the I AM state.
Managing desire has nothing to do with your relationships with objects of desire; it is your own misunderstanding that requires correction. Find out how the perception of objects arises in mind and do not follow thought patterns in ignorance.
There is no object which is of a different nature from the subject, and as there is only the subject, how can it be seen as an object? All experience rests on the reality of objects. If you investigate you will find that objects are unreal.
Realize that the end of pain does not lie in a satisfied desire; pleasure and pain are the products of misunderstanding.
Intimacy is an experience and it cannot last; it is simply taking a holiday from the personal 'I' to the oneness/wholeness thought. The experience of intimacy can only happen with the backdrop of separation still in view.
Do not fall into the trap of loving objects, be they people, things or actions. Living with... is suffering, when in fact there is simply living. Find out what it is to be free from the object you call 'myself' and stop compensating with desire.
What you are is inert, insentient and at peace. The body is the avenue through which mind flows and you are none of this.
There's nothing to fear but fear itself.
'Nothingness' is already something in consciousness.
Nothing sees that which is beyond mind. It just is. If something could see 'it', there would then still be two 'there'. Mind can't go 'there'. It's beneath mind all the time. It's underneath the stories all the time. Once the ability to believe the stories is gone, it's all that's left. It's outside of time. And you 'know' 'it', but you don't know what you know, and you don't know how you know it. You are 'it' and you can't not be 'it'. You can't add to 'it', and you can't take away from 'it'. 'It' doesn't have a colour, a smell, or a sound. 'It' is what you are outside of all ideas of what you could be. Nothing knows 'it', there's nothing and nobody to know 'it', but 'it' is known.
The 'I' story can't be dropped until it embraces its power.
It's very simple. It's difficult only for the "I", but it's totally natural to return to what you are, to what's underneath the "I" story.
Desire and the "I" are together. Desire is keeping the "I" alive. Cultivate and live in that space of desireless-ness. There is freedom in surrendering desires.
When mind thinks that there is something lost, have another look.
Let there be contentment with whatever is happening, in any moment.
All is well, as it is, always.
All arises from nothing/absolute. Let it be seen that it is simply a happening in consciousness, that there is nobody having any thought. Know that it is not 'you' having this thought. That's the belief that creates the suffering ability.
When death of the 'I' happens, there's nobody there to know it.
There's no such thing as an experience.
The labelling is the seed of control.
So there's a feeling of existence. Does that prove something ? Does that prove that existence is real, just because the feeling is being computed ? No, you don't even know that. The intellect doesn't even know that. So prior to what can be known or not known, which all ends up with being the "I don't know" category, prior to all of that, is existence even possible ?
As soon as you notice you are in the story, look at what attracted your attention into the movie that is 'all about you'. What is the juice that gets you back into story ? Recognising that hook is more useful even than pulling back to observer. Find out if the juice is good enough and let it all mature so that the juice is not good enough. Then the only thing left is to go within and find out what was always there - Truth.
All is well. Continue, with patience, patience, patience to place attention outside all of it. Every story is mind, let mind do its thing. Know that mind will continue to appear to do its thing but let there be no ownership. It is not possible that thoughts are belonging to "you". Never claim ownership for this creates the idea that "you" exists. You are no more than an idea. Do not claim any thought as 'yours'.
From where does the I thought arise ? Who is having this original thought ? All arises from nothing/absolute. Let it be seen that it is simply a happening in consciousness, that there is nobody having any thought. Know that it is not 'you' having this thought. That's the belief that creates the suffering ability.
Using the theory of Advaita where it has not been seen to be truth (e.g. "I know I am not this ego so how it manifests doesn't matter") is BS. There are many who hang out here and it has its phase.
Really there is nothing to understand. Being what you really are is happening; that can not be stopped or started. What you are is beyond all of this. Nothing to work out any more perhaps; let the fragrance of what you are arise and dissolve any tendency to imagine you are other than the essence of all that IS.
Go back to knowing that it is simple. The fun is in the busy-ness as long as it's fun for you. And when you see that it's just more of the same stories, all about 'me', drop it. You can observe what goes on benignly, but keep going. From the position of observer, take that last step. Who's the one observing ? Go there. Who is that ultimate, absolute observer, where 'seeing itself' arises from ? Let attention rest there. Let it be ok that nothing has happening. Let the show be over, let the movie, the story of 'I' as an individual person, be over. And see what happens. Truth will reveal itself, absolute clarity of how this matrix works, will show itself to be no more than a matrix. And somehow, a capacity to enjoy what ever is unfolding is always there. You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to have good health, you don't have to do it before your body dies, it's got nothing to do with anything : it's right now, place your attention behind any stories, any concepts. From there, freedom arises, beauty arises, love arises. But don't take my word for it, do it. And prove me wrong, I'd be delighted. I'll take on that challenge any day (laughter). Do it and find out. So blessings on all of us, who are pretending to be human.