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Reviews - Born To Be Free

Independent Reviews

"If you have read Adyashanti, Scott Kiloby, Tolle, Byron Katie, Gary Weber, Peter Dziuban, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, L. Jacobsen, and other modern nondualist writers, you are ready for Jac O'Keeffe. If not, get ready for a couple of body blows to the ego. And then, maybe, release and final surrender. And don't skip around for your first read. I have some fancy degrees, have written plays and poetry and many many technical manuals. I can speed read with the best of them. It took me three weeks to read 119 pages. My body/mind just gasped about every third page. Jac is the real deal. I understand the New York Times used the word "mumbo-jumbo" in referencing Tolle's "Power of Now." From that mentality, this work would receive an even darker review. Which is why it is an absolutely "must read" NOW for anyone who has a serious interest in this ancient, brand new topic. It is written for big minds, big crafty successful, advanced, experienced, deep minds. And if read carefully, and the few exercises are practiced earnestly, the final veil could drop...forever. Read at your own risk... ;-)" Amazon review

"Born to be Free by Jac O'Keeffe is truly mind-blowing! If you allow the power of this small book to drop into the core of your being, it could well be the last spiritual volume you ever buy. The message here is clear, direct, and to the point: no cute stories, no entertainment for intellect, just pure hard-hitting truth. This is a doorway like no other, an atom bomb to shatter the mind-created worlds of thought and experience!" Amazon review

"This is the best book on awakening and enlightenment I have ever read. Period. If you are truly interested in waking up, this book renders all other material dispensable. However if you're interested in spiritual literature for intellectual reasons or reading enjoyment, you might not like it as much. The language in not poetic, the wording is cut of all excess and brings matters right to the point. The book is divided into ten chapters. The chapters more or less build upon each other and form a wonderful complete works on the nature of enlightenment. Jac ruthlessly exposes all the tricks the mind plays on us and provides many signposts to truth. I wonder why the book is not better known. Maybe the absence of poetic language and beautiful prose make it less attractive for the general audience. Anyway, read this book, it's a true gem." Amazon review

"In my humble opinion, this book is a pocket guide, a life saver, a "must-have" for every human being who is looking to be happy, to be fulfilled, to find out who you truly are, to be self-realized, or even to understand human life. For everyone who is interested to change the world, needs to first know who "I" really Am? Hence, this book is a "must-have". No roundabouts. To the point and direct instructions. Am I a father/mother or brother/sister or son/daughter, or employee or entreupreuner or whatever? Am I a single individual or many? Do "I" know "myself"? We think we know but as the question gets deeper, we hit the dead end... If you ever wanted to find out "your" true identity, this book is an excellent guide. This book provides great pointers to understand the human mind and live a peaceful life, ability to understand the mental agonies and sufferings or joys. Every belief gets pulverized, the rug is pulled out gently as the mind grabs onto a concept. Finally, the concept of the "mind" itself is being taken. This book contains lots of sign-posts and hits the nail right on the head with a sledge hammer in a very gentle way. Strongly recommend this book as a "must-have" guide for every human being looking for happiness. People like Jac are rare. Coming in contact with such people is a blessing by itself. Truly there are no words to express my gratitude for Jac. This name and form is eternally thankful and grateful." Amazon review

"Having successfully failed over several decades to find a satisfactory path to end the spiritual search, I stumbled upon Advaita about a year ago. Since then I've read every book I could find on the subject, many wonderful hours of reading, a few duds here and there though mostly I enjoyed the variety of ways the authors describe that which cannot be described. A short while ago while listening to [...], I discovered a wonderful Irish lady, Jac O'Keeffe, the author of "Born to Be Free". I can say without reservation, that if one wants to cut to the chase and get to the real deal, this book is a must read. I could not read more then a few pages a day, every other line stops you dead in your tracks. A truly valuable addition to the hand full of books worth reading on this subject. Beautiful Jac!" Amazon review

"Jac O'Keeffe's book, Born to Be Free is a life-altering experience. Recommended by a friend, this book had more in its 100+ pages than years of book reading combined. It is actually a culmination of many, many books on spirituality, self-awareness, love, understanding and enlightenment. Jac leads you on a journey to end suffering through an understanding of our infinite Being, allowing for joy, peace and happiness to be realized. By simply being and observing, understanding that we are more than our bodies or our thoughts, we become free. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in going beyond their thoughts and accessing a deeper connection to our true essence." Amazon review

"There are nondual books, and then there is this book. Truly, it's in a class by itself. Born to be Free starts off relatively slowly, letting you buckle in while processing the aha! moments at a reasonable pace. By the last three chapters, it has become an astonishing ride. Every sentence is a new vista. You're not in Kansas anymore. It is both profoundly simple and simply profound. If you're ready to cut to the chase, you may want to try this book. I've read so many other books, but nothing compares to Jac's insights and the way she expresses them. I've been reading this for over two years, and it's still gifting me with deeper and deeper aha! moments, and release when identification is running. If you can attend one of Jac's satsangs I'd highly recommend it. She's a lovely person and an extraordinary teacher, with an uncanny ability to slice through the fog and offer up absolute clarity around whatever you might ask. Until then, I've found this book offers similar gifts, as does her DVD HYPERLINK ""Going Nowhere. I have an overwhelming gratitude for her work." Amazon review

"STOP ! Your seeking, your searching, wandering, analyzing, questioning,....why am I here? etc., etc., ad infinitum, has just led you to this spot & this book. I have owned this writing now for a year,(since Oct.2010) and am re-reading it again...and again. This explanation is the most complete, understandable, accurate, concise and complete, that you will ever find. Jac O'Keeffe nails it down to the most simple, logical, and workable discussion I have ever come across. I have had "only about 40yrs" of experience with self-improvement, self-help, New Age, and spiritual paths explored, etc.,etc. This work would have saved me 39 years of "trying to figure it out". I sincerely hope it works for you as well as it does for me." Amazon review

"This is the deepest and most profound book I have ever read. Each and every sentence is incredible- I had to carefully read each one a number of times and put the book down frequently, I'm still amazed she was able to put it all into words! And yet what she offers is simple. Just incredible, can't recommend this book highly enough. Fantastic!!" Amazon review

"All i can say is just take your time, this is not a book to just read through and not a book to just read once only if you disappear the first time!" Amazon review

"Wow!!! There are a lot of books about the Non-Duality. And a lot of them are exceptional. This one, in my opinion, is one of the most succinct and lucid." Amazon review

"I highly recommend this book. It is worth 100 stars. And I have read a lot of spiritual and nonduality books. This is truly one of the best books I have ever read pointing to the truth of the natural state of peace, freedom and truth. It is not a collection of satsangs, but specifically takes you on a journey to truth with many different pointer Chapters such as: Observe; Natural State; Self-Enquiry; Effortlessness; and Nothing Is. The book just keeps exposing the mind's games and providing the opportunity to just drop the whole ego game and be free. This book can be read on many different levels. I have been rereading parts of it for six months. It just keeps going deeper and deeper. "BORN TO BE FREE" can be the final book if one is ready for it. Or it can just be a profound pointer. It is worth reading on any level. Check out her website." Amazon review

"I came across Jackie through her video satsangs on and felt such a ease, lightness and warmth emanating from her that I ordered her book the day it came out. A beautiful hardcover to keep close to one as thin enough to carry around yet so very rich inside that every word is a carefully crafted gem, flowing directly from Spirit. A weight dropped off reading it slowly, this is the finest when it comes to Non-Duality, yet also answers questions related to the seeming search/path/journey/everyday life in such a helpful manner that all questions stopped and were stilled from within. I am just back from my first satsang with Jackie tonight and mind is still quiet, therefore it seems somewhat hard to find words to describe her presence with some eloquence... Total peace was felt, an exquisite opening to reality, stillness underneath the movie that Jackie described so beautifully as in reality "long gone already, only a faint echo left while we seem to relive it mentally, actually, it's already in the can." The discernment of what is permanent, eternal and real vs what is changing, playing out as energy forms changing constantly is explained with astounding lucidity yet simplicity. Too simple if read quickly, as the other reviewers pointed out, don't go there, take your sweet time with this rare pointer to True Freedom and let it unfold its gifts one by one until nothing unreal is left yet all is seen for what it is. Thank you so much for making yourself available to share and give of yourself, dear Jac, it has been exquisite meeting you in satsang and how lovely that freedom in your case takes the form of such incredible warmth and vivaciousness, nothing held back, all given from a pure, wide open heart paired with a depth and purpose recognizing Itself in everyone it meets, seeing no boundaries, just One. Blessings and Namaste!" Amazon review

"The unravelling of mind is key to finding out who and what we really are. In this book Jac doesn't tell us how to do it for that isn't possible, we need to do that by ourselves, she merely shows us the way. Marvelous." Amazon review
"I've read so many non-duality books, it's always amazing that so much can be said about so little. It is something of an art form, and each author has their own slightly unique perspective. In this book, the author has packed 119 pages with powerful, unrelenting, merciless non-duality. It feels at times that strips are being torn from our bruised and tattered non-existent ego. One could almost dive into any sentence and directly feel the energy of this book. Don't get me wrong, it is far from an unpleasant experience! The words flow with beauty and love; not a self-serving love but a love that is truth itself, and a love that is who we really are beyond our conceptual identity. As the last page says, 'It is time to embody the truth and stop talking and reading about it.' A truly powerful invitation to know thyself." Amazon review

"Just completed reading this book and I cannot recommend it enough. Through her 'personal' evolution Jac O'Keeffe has come to a place and an understanding of what is real and speaks from that place of awareness. What is even more wonderful for Westerners is that her language is clear and understandable. This book is an answer to a prayer. The first half of the book deals more with her journey and the diversions prior to this Grand Understanding. Do not get discouraged. It gets much better. The second half of the book is an absolute marvel. Some quotes from the book: "Giving from total emptiness within seeks no gratitude and leaves no trace of debt in memory as there is no "one", no individual with a sense of "I", engaged in the act of giving." (p.98) "Absolute Reality is not within your body - your body is within Absolute Reality". (p.99) "If that which is presented in this book is becoming clear for you, if you feel you are getting closer to something, you are simply deluded by the clever workings of your mind." (p.118) I plan to read it again and again. This book is transformative. Cannot recommend it enough." Amazon review