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Toronto, Canada April 4-6, 2014

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Toronto, Canada April 4-6, 2014

Complete Satsang 10:58 HOURS
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Title Location Date (Hr:Min) Type Price
Non-duality is my new religion Toronto April 4 2014 1:51
How can I teach what I no longer believe in Toronto April 5 AM 2014 2:21
$10.99 Add to Cart
I don't deserve to abide in Awareness Toronto April 5 PM 2014 2:07
$8.99 Add to Cart
A difficult marriage can help spiritual growth Toronto April 6 AM 2014 2:03
$8.99 Add to Cart
How to live without the rat race Toronto April 6 PM 2014 2:34
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This Satsang with Jac covers the following topics:

Non-duality is my new religion: Jac intro: perception with lenses and pure perception, parenting/right way to rear your child is to listen to your belly, framework of right & wrong, trusting your gut, unconditional love for yourself, Learning disabilities and how to undo them, stepping back to a global perspective, absorbing other people's stuff, default mode network, Choice, consequences and responsibility, innocent fun

How can i teach what I no longer believe in: Jac intro: nothing needs to be dissolved for truth to show itself, the more attention stays inside the more mind loses its effectiveness in fabricating lies, identification, hanging on to grace to lead you home, process of manifestation from "prior to all of it" to duality, potentiality of pure consciousness, Knowing, non-being that underpins the whole roll out into duality, what happens when the body dies, idea of Karma and balancing the books, doing something loving for yourself, Choice & Free will, how can I teach what I no longer believe in

I don't deserve to abide in awareness: Consciousness is prior to existence, guided meditation, some ideas that may have no foundation in any story, love is movement, coming back to satsang because drama is luring you again OR something not being solid yet, being on a roll in life, total acceptance of yourself, fear of dying and losing the chance to know myself, movement of energy in satsang

A difficult marriage can help spiritual growth: Guided meditation, beliefs and believability loops and their impact on the body, re-birthing, subject-object and what dissolves is the object, being ensnared by mind and thoughts, difficult marriage/relationship, finding a lifestyle thta supports you, family matters

How to live without the rat race: Does a rock bottom experience need to happen prior to awakeing?, protecting the form against certain energies, awakening is for knowing what you already are, functioning in the world while going through the spiritual path, chakras, grabbing a thought/buying into story even when there is a knowing that it is not real, levels of identification, is there just stillness or is there a me/sense of me with the stillness?, energy of fear, me as pure consciousness is learning to be fully human, desire versus yearning, thoughts are energy balls